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Our Bespoke Glazing solutions are designed to allow the maximum amount of natural light into a building without compromising on safety or energy efficiency.

Every time you embark on a structural glazing project, you need to take a few things into consideration, like installation feasibility, access to the site, experience of the installers, weather proofing and precise silicone application. Let us take care of this!

We always start with the “can do” attitude.

Having worked with numerous architects, designers and structural engineers over the years, we’re happy to bounce some ideas that will help you turn your vision or designs into something amazing.

If you have an idea and you are not sure how to bring it to fruition, give us a call.

Let’s make it happen together!

Structural Joint Glass

A structural glass wall can add some lightness and transparency to your home, and invite the great outdoors inside. Large glazed walls can help you achieve a modern, minimalistic look. It can have a frameless finish, thanks to a slim silicone joint between each insulated glass panel.

Our expertise in constructing frameworks with frameless detailing at the edges, where all fixings and brackets are hidden, allows you achieve a complete transparency, and a perfect contemporary edge.

Speak with us. We love all unusual and imaginative projects, and can help you deliver that minimalist and contemporary touch you’re after.

Structural joint glass

Large corner picture window from Southern Windows

Oversized glass units

Have you ever imagined one of those XXL picture windows in your living room?

With Southern Windows the sky is the limit! We’ve been manufacturing large glazed units for many years now, but thanks to our recent factory developments – we can go even bigger!

You can rest assured that you will enjoy the perfect and unspoiled views through your architectural glazed feature walls and windows for years to come! We love pushing the boundaries and breathing life into those visionary drawings!

Walk on rooflights

Walk-on-glass panels are designed to illuminate your rooms beneath, and make a statement.

Our high-performance walk-on rooflights are constructed using toughened safety glass, as specified by architects for ultimate strength and durability.

The glass is coated as standard with a UV-blocker, which prevents sun damage to the features, fabrics and furnishings below.

Additional treatments (like opaque finish or non-slip textured glass) are also available.

Walk on roof light

Fixed Flat Rooflights

Our large scale, non-opening skylights are high-quality, low-maintenance (self-cleaning glass), and provide exceptional heat insulation, light transmission and noise reduction.

With a frameless finish there’s no visible internal framework, which maximises the light entering your room.

Contact us for more information.

Lean-to roofs

Full thermal breaks within our aluminium roof framing, coupled with highly efficient insulating glass, mean that they achieve high levels of thermal insulation, surpassing many competing aluminium roofing systems currently on the market.

Our glass roofs are engineered with a low maintenance coating, as standard, and a clear, toughened ‘Low-E’ glass. Optional upgrades are available on request, including solar reflective and obscured glass.

Create your beautiful, glazed extension with our lean-to-roof and bi-fold/sliding aluminium patio doors combination!

Lean-to glazed roof

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