AFD88 Folding Doors

AFD88 - the slimmest bifolding door on the market

Our new folding door system, AFD88, is quickly rising to become the most impressive one on the market!

The slim sightlines of just 88mm will make 2 or 3 panel bifolds look sleek, stylish, even in the smallest of apertures! AFD88 can be adapted to any space with its minimal design and thin aluminium profiles and its reinforced construction provides burglar protection and at the same time.

As AFD88 is a thermally insulated system, it offers excellent thermal insulation, high watertightness performance and is also ideal for large constructions, remaining flawless over time.

If you are looking for one of the most impressive folding door systems on the market, then look no further!


Industrial Style Appeal

Perfect for new builds, extensions, replacement installations, and also commercial applications, these aluminium bifolds bring modern aesthetics and industrial style without compromising the energy efficiency nor its exceptional performance.

AFD88 system offers a wide variety of technical solutions, ideal for modern residences, and commercial applications like hotels, stores and other commercial premises.

With an exceptional functionality and a stylish look, these doors tick all the boxes for modern and robust folding door system.

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Key advantages of AFD88 Bifold Door System
  • Its minimal design and very thin profiles (88mm) elevate the aesthetics of your place;‎
  • Excellent performance in terms of air permeability, watertightness & wind load resistance;
  • Top thermal insulation (up to Uw=1.‎1 W/m2K) helps to improve energy efficiency;
  • Enhanced levels of burglary protection with quadruple latches, 3-point locking and a special anti-lift mechanism;
  • Robust large constructions (up to 1.‎3m width or up to 3m height);‎
  • Allows for large number of vents;
  • A wide variety of design options with even or odd number of vents, double or triple glazing (24-44mm), and standard or low threshold;‎
  • Smooth and flawless operation, without any problems, thanks to high-quality, heavy-duty roller hinges;
  • Exceptional quality with certified performance!