CorVision Sliding Doors


This minimalistic aluminium sliding door system, especially suitable for large dimensions, allows to have the maximum luminosity with the minimum visible section of aluminium, and makes possible to cover great openings with a glass surface of 94%.

With the interlocking frame of only 20mm in CorVision and 25mm in larger CorVision Plus Sliding Doors, and concealed frames this system offers truly unobstructed panoramic views from your living room!

CorVision Plus Aluminium Sliding Doors are a premium sliding door that look fantastic in modern and traditional properties alike. With the super slimline aluminium profile, you're getting more glazing area per square inch showing nearly 94% of glass in 100% of the total aperture. Outstanding glazing capacity allowing installation of glass up to 54mm wide which is more than enough for even the heaviest acoustic and thermal specialised glass types.

  • CorVision Plus Sliding doors triple glass
  • CorVision Plus-sliding doors threshold
  • CorVision-technical spec
  • CorVision- technical spec
Best solution for low-energy contemporary architecture

Minimalist design able to cover large gaps allowing maximum luminosity with the minimum aluminum section.
It allows sash dimensions of up to 4 meters wide or high, allowing combinations of up to 6 sashes and meetings at a 90° corner without a mullion. It has a visible section of just 25 mm and the possibility to inlay totally the bottom, lateral and top frames.
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» Minimalist sliding system specially suitable for large dimensions (up to 4000 mm/sash in width or height) » Visible section of just 25 mm » Outstanding thermal and acoustic performance » Maximum glazing thickness: 54 mm » The rollers are placed in the frame, and the sashes come with a stainless steel reinforced rolling area which makes the sliding movement smoother » Motorised opening for weights up to 700 kg, and manual opening for up to 400 kg (additionally, it allows to place multipoint lock systems by operating rod, with or without key) » The motorised version allows to completely hide the sash within the frame in closing position
» Visible section of only 20 mm » Option to embed the bottom, top and lateral frames within the wall » Possibility of pocket system, allowing for the panels to hide in the wall » Maximum glazing thickness: 30 mm
» Exceptional levels of thermal insulation, weather resistance and security » Possibility of corner configuration without a mullion » Maximum surface glazing area of 94% » Wide range of colours: powder coated finishes (RAL, mottled and rough), wood effect powder coating, anti-bacterial powder coating, and anodised » Profiles can be finished with different internal and external colours » Available in double or triple glazed option