Reynaers CP 130 Sliding Patio Doors


The CP 130 aluminium sliding patio system is extremely versatile and available in multiple configurations, with lift and slide solution for extra large panels and even open corner solution (without any ugly corner posts in your way!).

Designed with ease of use in mind it glides smoothly, and also has a slim-line mid-section interlock to maximise the glass area. It is a truly remarkable architectural feature for every home.

This sliding door system from Reynaers, is available with various opening options. A low threshold option is also available making it suitable for building accessibility requirements.

A special, open corner solution, makes it possible to open up space without any fixed corner element. This creates a perfect and clear continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

CP 130 sliding doors have a very aesthetic slimline middle section which makes them ideal for any “room with a view” design.

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Aesthetics & Functionality

CP 130 is available as a slide or lift and slide system, with lift-and-slide coming with multi-rail variant. This multi-rail solution allows an expansion of outer frames from two to up to eight rails, facilitating creative designs with very large openings.
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All types of CP 130 sliding doors use durable wheels and stainless steel rails, for optimal opening comfort. In case of a lift & slide system, the sliding door will be lifted up before sliding across the rail. In the closed position, the lift & slide door is put down and anchored, which is an extra plus for insulation and theft prevention. Both systems are wind and waterproof, hermetically sealed, and meet the highest requirements with regard to insulation, stability and safety.

Lift and slide systems are also available with open corner and modular pocket solutions.

Open corner solution (without any fixed corner element) is available with CP 130-LS duo rail variant. This creates a perfect opportunity to invite more nature into your home, and remove the indoor and outdoor boundaries.

The modular pocket, on the other hand, gives you the chance to free up more space and slide up to eight vents into your wall, so there’s no visible window panels when the window is open. Optimal flush aesthetics in the open position can be realised by applying the same colour as the wall to the finishing profile. The pocket solution is available for the lift & slide systems in duo rail, 3-rail, or up to 8-rail (multi-rail) compositions.

Benefits of CP130:
  • Aesthetic slimline middle section
  • The low threshold option
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Available with monorail, duo-rail, 3-rail or multi-rail
  • Open corner solution with no fixed post
  • Modular pocket solution available
  • Wind and waterproof and hermetically sealed
  • Excellent energy efficiency

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