Slim Elegant lines reduced to the essential

The new generation of Schüco ASE 60/80.HI (Aluminium Sliding Element) sliding system range enables almost any choice of solutions, including increased vent weights and larger formats, allowing you to choose between sliding or lift-and-slide operation.

The clear, slimline appearance of the Schüco ASE 60/80.HI sliding system is characterised by a particularly narrow interlocking section of only 40 mm made from high-quality aluminium.

The Schüco ASE 60/80.HI sliding system boasts impressive and puristic solutions such DesignLine series offering reduced interlock section, nearly completely covered grooves of the fittings in the units, and the level threshold - so you can completely blur the boundaries between inside and outside and create a perfect design that complements your living.

Whether for thermal insulation and passive house standard for sustainable architecture (Schüco ASE 80.HI sliding and lift-and-slide system), or the flexible use of multipurpose profiles, reduced face widths or intelligent sensors – this system offers security, ease of operation, elegance and space saving design.

The Schüco ASE 60/80 TipTronic sliding system has been honoured with the German Design Award 2020, the Red Dot Design Award 2019 and the iF Design Award 2019.

SCHÜCO ASE 60/80-sliding door system

The profile has optimised insulation zones to offer significantly improved thermal insulation in all basic depths - even up to passive house level (with a basic depth of 80 mm).
All versions of the system – single, double and triple track – are based on multi-functional profiles, that can be used as both- sliding and lift-and-slide fittings. With just a few exceptions, the components are identical for both basic depths, which allows for great design flexibility. With an expanded range of sizes, slimline profile constructions and solutions for the bimetallic effect and pioneering thermal insulation this system fulfils countless architectural design requirements.

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Variety of opening types
New opening types for single, double and triple-track systems provide greater design freedom.
Maximum transparency
Large-scale units up to 3.5 m x 3.2 m or 3.2 m x 3.5 m create a pleasant atmosphere with living spaces that are flooded with light.
Modular profile system
All the system designs are based on profile modules with a small number of half profiles – a wide variety of unit solutions that can be modular and flexible.
Large vent weights
Three weight classes up to 600 kg will be available in future. Thanks to high-quality components, large vents can be operated easily.
High level of security
Modern fittings solutions with security components that are not visible from the outside ensure the highest level of security without compromising on aesthetic design.
In addition to their fully integrated design, TipTronic actuator units offer a wide range of options thanks to single, double and triple-track opening types. The modular fittings system can be used as both sliding and lift-and-slide fittings. Vent units with dimensions of up to 3.5 x 3.2 metres or 3.2 x 3.5 metres and vent weights of up to 600 kg can travel distances of up to 18 metres. The units can be controlled in various ways by means of operating switches on the vent, wall-mounted switches, the Schüco app or via a connection to the home automation system. The Schüco control components from the Schüco Building Skin Control system can be used to operate the unit even without a smartphone or switch, simply by using voice commands. Comprehensive security functions such as integrated software protection, sensor strips and the option of using security sensors ensure reliable operation in all installation scenarios.