Schüco ASE 67 PD


The new, high-quality Schüco ASE 67 PD Panoramic Sliding System offers flexible, modular and 100% panoramic design to help you convert your wall into a floor-to-ceiling architectural masterpiece!

The slim interlocking frame (of only 31mm) and ability to conceal outer frames into your walls with not much space required (in the narrow 57 mm version) makes this door system a perfect choice for the renovation projects! And in the wide 90 mm version, the entire vent can be inserted in the outer frame. Both of those features -the narrow profiles and the insertion of the vent profile in the outer frame, vastly increase the proportion of the window area, so you can enjoy the panoramic view from your living room.

ASE 67 PD has been designed with great ease of operation, maintenance, the highest security and at the same time elegance and architectural aesthetics in mind. The level threshold ensures ease of access, while the outer frame can be perfectly integrated in the walls of the building. Combined with the narrow profiles, it creates maximum transparency and allows rooms to be flooded with natural light.

The Schüco ASE 67 PD sliding system has been honoured with the German Design Award 2020, Red Dot Award 2019 and the iF Design Award 2019.

Schuco ASE 67 PD Slim Sliding System

The Schüco ASE 67 PD aluminium sliding system also includes a locking system that is fully integrated in the vent and available in three different versions: as a locking point integrated in the interlock section, with or without a lock, or as a 3-point lock for the outer frame that is inserted in the side of the vent. The combination of these locks furthermore provides a high-quality, burglar-resistant unit, ensuring maximum security and the greatest possible protection.

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High level of flexibility
Thanks to the simple combination of the different vent and outer frame profiles, it is easy to respond to customer requests
With an interlock section of 31 mm, the ASE 67 PD Panorama Design sliding system stands out with its narrow face width.
Special bonding of the vent
Adhesive tape on the vent frame minimises the amount of adhesive required. In addition, the vents can be bonded precisely thanks to a special installation frame, making the work more efficient.
Optimised drainage
Simple drainage system within the outer frame with various drainage levels ensures controlled drainage of water.
Efficient roller profile
The easy-to-install and maintain track and the use of tried-and-tested roller types and geometries guarantee durability, the highest quality and smooth operation.
Different locking types
The new locking point in the interlock section also allows vents that are slightly open to be locked. In addition, the adjustable fitting for the 3-point locking on the outer frame simplifies installation of units, as fabrication tolerances can be compensated.