WEEEZE: Master the Art of Scale

Create spectacular openings with the window system that blurs the boundaries between the indoors and outside!

The huge panes of glass (each up to 6 m high or wide!) give you the freedom to shape the perfect and bold openings for your project, where the frames are almost totally invisible. This Swiss-French system can produce the largest slimline windows available in the world.

The sliding panels offer a variety of design possibilities: they can pivot, create open corners, or disappear into the pockets built into your walls. Opening can be operated manually or motorised through an electronic pad, a simple switch or a remote control, with one motor able to move up to 1500 kg/pane. In the manual version, WEEEZE is the first and unique huge sliding window on the market, in which the handle is completely hidden. When the window is closed, no accessory, no profile is visible, giving you the invisible window and adding a stunning architectural feature to your home!


Freedom to be Bold

WEEEZE Invisible Windows System is ideal for large, mobile glazed surfaces.

Perfect for bold, contemporary architecture, this system is particularly adapted to large, mobile, floor-to-ceiling, glazed surfaces, where limitations of width don't apply!

Haute-couture work of art!

Perfectly adapted to the challenges of modern architecture, this huge sliding window (up to 18m2/panel) can cover all the surface of the openings.

This innovative, kingsize system is ideal for bold and visionary architectural projects!

Send us your designs

WEEEZE minimalist sliding system can be tailored to any sort of architectural boldness.

  • Ultra minimalistic design with invisible frames and incredibly slim interlocking frame of only 21 mm (!) will instantly elevate the aesthetics of your place;‎
  • Excellent performance in terms of air permeability, watertightness and wind load resistance;
  • Top thermal efficiency down to 0,8 W/m²K (Ug=0,5 W/m²K)
  • Great sound reduction Rw 43 (-1;4) dB;
  • Robust large constructions (up to 6 m wide or high!);‎
  • Allows for largest, uninterrupted glass panels with a minimum number of panels;
  • A wide variety of designs and configurations with Fixed, Pivot, Open Corner and Hidden Pocket designs;‎
  • Flawless motorised or manual operation;
  • Exceptional quality with certified performance!
  • Invisible handle and locking (or visible handle)