SL38 Slimline Inwards Opening Windows

SlimLine 38 for
authentic steel appearance

SL38 aluminium inward opening windows will help you bring some of that trendy industrial look to your interiors.
Designed specifically to recreate the sleek look of traditional steel windows, but with a modern benefits of thermally broken aluminium profile.

These steel-looking windows not only provide an authentic appearance, but offer much improved security, thermal efficiency, and come at a fraction of the cost of steel!

A perfect match for both: new-build constructions and the renovation of steel-framed windows and doors, SL38 can be fabricated to suit almost any period property and specified for a wide range of applications. It respects the original design and offers a thermally improved solution.

Get a classic steel look without breaking the bank!

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Light, Elegance & Comfort

The slimline steel-like SL38 inward opening aluminium window system brings some industrial chic into your interiors.

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This highly insulated system of inward and outward opening windows and doors combines lightweight, elegance and stability with a unique design. Being really versatile, SL38 is perfectly suited for the retention of the existing structures where customers might want to preserve a vintage look of their windows, or in renovation projects, where steel frames have to be replaced.

It’s a perfect harmony between durable materials, clean design and demanding architectural challenges with superior insulation capabilities.

Minimalistic frames are reinforced by an invisible drainage system, avoiding the use of drainage caps on the exterior of windows and doors. Thanks to the special modification of the design the system can be available with hidden hinges.

Benefits of SL38 window system:
  • Look and feel of steel with the performance of aluminium
  • Superior insulation capabilities
  • Minimalistic frames
  • Durability and low maintenance
  • Variety of configurations
  • Ideal as a Crittall Windows replacement system
  • Fraction of a price of steel

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